Simply English Edinburgh was established with the aim of providing the linguistic and cultural knowledge necessary to immerse students into the lifestyle and culture of the city and allow them to have a truly authentic ‘Edinburgh’ experience. The motto of the school is Live, Learn, SEE. We believe that if you wish to successfully master a language, it is vital not just to learn the grammar and vocabulary, but to get outside and meet the local people and experience the places where the language is spoken. We believe that you cannot separate language from culture and therefore we hope to combine the two throughout your experience.

We aim to achieve this by allowing students to design their own timetable in order to fit their language learning into their day to day lives. Many students who work or volunteer in the morning attend classes in the afternoon and evening, whereas others prefer to study in the morning and then get out and about and enjoy the buzz of the city later in the day. We encourage our students to take part in community volunteering projects and gain valuable work experience through English while interacting with local people.

The school also offers many social events and gatherings with the intention of bringing students together to practice speaking English in informal situations and experience Edinburgh culture. These events include quiz and game evenings, cultural outings and trips in addition to international themed festivals to name but a few.

The school itself is located in an outstanding listed building, typical of the architecture to be found around this beautiful city. Close to the Meadows, an expansive park, many students relax and have lunch in this area at the break of class. The spacious classrooms and access to tea and coffee making facilities, (and often some sweet treats!) free of charge, are just some of the factors which help in making this school a friendly and relaxed learning environment.
We welcome students from all over the world and hope you enjoy a multicultural learning experience with us!