Simply English South East

What do we offer?

English Lessons

This package includes a level test on arrival. Lessons focusing on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in small groups. Material taught by fully qualified, native speakers of English and a course certificate on completion.

Exciting Activities

Daily activities led by us to explore Scotland. Edinburgh castle, ghost tours, Harry Potter tours, hiking up Arthur’s seat, visits to all of our beautiful museums and galleries as well as weekend trips to the Highlands to visit Loch Ness (and the Loch Ness monster!!), Glasgow, Dundee and more! All of these wonderful activities are led by our staff and guided in English to help you make it a Summer to remember!

Host family accommodation

All host families are background checked by Police Scotland and visited for inspection by a member of Simply English staff. We offer host family accommodation to suit a range of needs. They provide you with the whole experience of life in Scotland from the food and the daily routine to immersion in the language. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and laundry all optional!

We are very proud to launch our junior programmes in Gorey, Co. Wexford at our new branch, Simply English South East. Gorey is the ideal location for learning English as it is only one hour from Dublin and yet it boasts all that the Irish coastline has to offer such as beaches, water sports and crab fishing.

The junior programme consists of 15 hours of General English taught by fully qualified, native speaking teachers. Host family accommodation and a wide range of activities such as day trips to Dublin city centre, hiking and sightseeing in Glendalough, sports and leisure activities at Courtown Adventure and Leisure Centre, a visit to a seal sanctuary, Irish music and dancing, gaelic games demonstrates and training sessions, birds of prey, quizzes, treasure hunts and much more!

We are currently taking bookings for Summer 2024– don’t miss out!


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