Is Simply English Edinburgh in the centre of Edinburgh?

Yes, Simply English Edinburgh is located in a beautiful listed building in the heart of the city centre, close to the University of Edinburgh, the Meadows park and the lively, bustling Grassmarket.

How do I get to Simply English Edinburgh?

The quickest way is to book a flight to Edinburgh airport. From there, you can travel by Airlink bus (number 100) or the tram to Edinburgh city centre. From the final stop we are about a five to ten minute taxi journey (depending on traffic) or you can take public transport to Lauriston Place.

Is Simply English Edinburgh close to public transport?

The school is serviced by a range of buses from the city centre to Lauriston Place including the 10, 11, 16 and 35

How much does public transport cost in Edinburgh?

The cost of a single journey anywhere within Edinburgh is £1.60 and an all day ticket costs £4.00. Please note these prices are beyond our control and may have changed since this page was last updated.

Will the school help me open a bank account?

Yes, this is one of our many free student support services.

How is Simply English Edinburgh different from other language schools?

There are lots of other English language schools in Edinburgh, aren’t there? Yes, but none quite like this one!

At SEE we aim to give students a language learning experience like no other, and that begins with the teachers. All teaching staff have learned AT LEAST one other language, giving us a better insight into your language learning needs. Our timetables work around your needs-there is lots of choice and flexibility in terms of what you can study and when you are free to do so.

At SEE we are keen to get out students as involved in the community as possible and can help you to get a work experience placement, volunteering position or just check through your CV and interview preparation. There are also lots of activities on offer so that you can practise your English outside of the classroom-cultural activities, quiz and game nights, film and conversation clubs. PLUS when you sign up for 5 hours or more per week, you are entitled to attend a FREE 30 minute workshop every week!


How can I book at Simply English Edinburgh?

You should complete a booking form through the website, or contact Lorraine directly.

What type of accommodation is best for me?

There are many options available. Please contact us directly for more information.


When can I start my English course?

You can start your course on any Monday (Full time or Part time courses). One to one courses will be dependent on your preferred timetable.

Is there a minimum age for courses?

Students have to have a minimum age of 18 to participate in classes.

What is the average age of students?

Approximately 25-30 years old.

How many students are in a class?

There are a maximum of six students in every class.

What are the main nationalities of the students at Simply English Edinburgh?

We have a good mix of different nationalities and cultures at Simply English Edinburgh. The main nationalities are Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Polish but this depends on the time of year of your classes. At any one time we generally have students from at least 12 countries.

How can I find out what my level is?

Every student will take an initial placement test on the first day of the course. Based on your performance in this test, plus a variety of speaking tests you will be placed into a group with students of a similar level. However, we realize that students may not reach their full potential in these test for a variety of reasons. As a result the teachers closely monitor your abilities in all skills during the first few days to see if changes to your level need to be made.

How can I move up to the next level?

Speak to your teacher and together with the school director a decision will be reached about if you are ready. If not, you will be provided with an action plan on how to improve areas which will help you to improve your level sufficiently to move up.

How will I learn?

Lessons focus on improving your ability to communicate effectively during your stay in Edinburgh and beyond. Emphasis is placed on speaking, listening and pronunciation skills which are monitored closely by our teachers. There are plenty of opportunities to speak and work in pairs and small groups due to our small class sizes. Grammar workshops will improve understanding and generally writing practice is done as homework unless in an exam preparation setting or workshop.

Are all the teachers native speakers?

All our teachers have native speaker competence. All teachers are CELTA/DELTA qualified or have Masters Degrees in Language Teaching.

Can I borrow books and other materials?

We have a wide variety of novels, DVDs and course books available to borrow free of charge. A deposit may be required for some course books which is fully refundable on return.

Can I take exam preparation classes?

Simply English Edinburgh offers several options for preparing for exams including PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS. For more information contact Lorraine directly.

What timetable will I have?

Timetables of intensive courses will be provided before your arrival. Exam preparation classes and one to one tuition classes are flexible and depend on your needs.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

You will receive a certificate confirming your oral and written language ability. You will be graded in accordance with the International Framework for European Languages, which is understood by employers throughout the World.

I would like to study at a university in the UK. How do I prepare for this?

Students can receive advice free of charge on arrival about preparation for university in the UK.