This week we began a new weekly Pronunciation Class. This class is only available to students enrolled in our classes unlike out other free workshop which is open to all.

Jack is going to be running this class and it is on every Tuesday from 6.30-7.30 for FREE. The workshop taken my myself is still running as normal on a Wednesday 5-6pm.

The opening class was a huge hit with 7 students arriving. This is unusual for us as in all of our other classes we only take a maximum of 6 per class. As it is free we are open to the idea of a few more in the room!

Jack focused this week on the most common pronunciation errors with Spanish speakers. The class was fun and informal and Lorraine reported hearing a lot of laughter from the room. Her intensive CAE group do not have a similar fun class as they have been focusing on the last of their intensive course which is the listening section.

If you are interested in taking any of these classes or enrolling in an exam class please send us an email today


Fatima, Boukhari, Natalia, Loreano, Laura, Sergi and Ana with Jack.




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