Jack arrived last week with a bang!


The last few weeks have been intensive for us at the school and we started a whole new batch of exam classes and intensive General English Classes also!

We currently have an Upper-Intermediate class in the mornings running alongside a Pre-Intermediate class. Both classes have full time students and some part time. There are limited spaces now in both classes as the maximum we take is 6 per class.

Lorraine is in the school every night until 8pm at the moment teaching the intensive CAE group. They are now half way through the first of two weeks of intensive studies. They will be glad to see Friday come around! They have two hours of intensive study every day for the 2 weeks plus homework

In Michelle’s workshop today we played a few fun games called “Would you prefer?” It was quite interesting to see the differences between the students thoughts on certain topics. For example one question “Would you prefer to go to jail for one year or live in your car for one year?” caused the most debate. Several students thought jail may be as easier option however we came to the conclusion that lack of freedom would be a massive downfall.

This week Michelle is going to the Museum on The Mound with some students as our weekly activity. We have heard you can see what £1,000,000 looks like, and it may be the only time we will see it! Next week we will do something fun after class one night and the following week we have some spooky plans! Check out the activities wall in the school for details on the creative writing competition.




Jack pictured with his class this week (L,R Ana, Patricia and Maria) introducing them to the wonders of Irn-Bru!

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