Winter in Edinburgh is spectacular. The castle is snow splattered and the streets are busier than they have been in the summer months.Scores of teenagers are out shopping and sipping hot chocolate. The team at Simply English Edinburgh love the winter time and enjoy nothing more than getting cosy in the classrooms and drinking coffee (maybe eating mince pies too) Our beautiful listed building is snug with the heating on and this makes it a great time of year to stay inside and learn English. Our winter timetable is now shaping up to be very full and we are running a few different Pre-Intermediate classes due to demand. If you can only do mornings we have something for you and if you are up early for work we have evening classes available also.

Some students need to focus on key areas for their employment so we suggest you book a couple of individual lessons before joining a class. Mostly this allows you to gain confidence in areas you are weak and also to improve common grammatical errors. We have welcomed several new students this week who all come from different backgrounds and circumstances. Some need to take exams to get jobs others university, while some students just want to prove to themselves what they can do.

Our workshop this week was based on advertising. Each student was given a rea advert from a newspaper or magazine and had to explain to the class what they thought of it and if it worked or not. This was a fun exercise as many of the adverts were aimed at the other gender. Later we spoke about types of effective advertising and how celebrity endorsement and product placement are now more important than traditional tv adverts. Lastly we spoke about “bad advertising” and a student made a valid point in saying some “bad” adverts are produced on purpose to cause a stir to get us talking about the company or product. Little did I know that two students in this class worked or studying advertising! Are you ready for winter?




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