It’s all go at Simply English Edinburgh


I (Michelle, Office Manager) was on holiday in Florence the week before last, so when I returned I had a lot fo work to catch up on. This week (School Director) Lorraine is in Rome enjoying herself as she worked every day this summer! Our lovely Teacher Joules is going to Spain next week to teach for the entire winter and springtime. That means thing are changing for the Autumn. With Joules no longer here Lorraine will be back teaching almost every class and Kim our other fabulous teacher will be stepping in to help when needed. One thing that isn’t changing is the amount of new students coming through the doors every week!

We have had to set up some new classes over the last few weeks to accommodate the needs of our students.Our CAE class is now up and running as is the FCE class on a Wednesday which is now at capacity. Any more FCE students will need to begin in another group but that should not be a problem for us we still have some flexibility in our timetable. We also now have advanced plus and advanced classes running each week. (alongside all the individual lessons)

Our weekly workshop had 3 Spanish and 2 Polish students this week and we had a lot of fun talking about music, festivals and concerts. Some students surprised me with their knowledge of Classical Music.  We established that although concerts are expensive they are worth it if the band preform to a high standard live. We also looked at some interesting music related idioms for example we discussed the meaning of “all that jazz” and how we would use it outside of the classroom.




In our Pre-Intermediate class we focused on food and Menu’s. I wrote about this class on google and if you are interested in this here in the link.



I am looking forward to having Lorraine back next week but also sad that Joules in leaving us. However Lorraine and I are travelling to Madrid in December to meet some new students so I am sure we will have the chance to meet up! If anyone wold like any further information regarding prices of our lessons (exam classes, group lessons or individual) please get in touch.  We are also looking at beginning another IELTS class in October due to high demand. Looking forward to hearing from you, it will be music to my ears!



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