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Some IELTS tips for all our new and potential students as it can be a challenging time for both the students and teachers. Give yourself a long term goal to get the result you want. Remember you will get the result you deserve to get not necessarily the one you want.


1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We have had so many students come through the doors in the last few weeks who have not been studying correctly, (or at all) in the run up to the exams. You need to seek professional help for such an important exam. Just because someone is a native speaker does not mean they are an English teacher. Here at Simply English Edinburgh we always recommend you are taught by a fully qualified teacher who has both experience of the exam structure and timing. Cheap lessons are not the best option. Pay more for quality lessons.


2. Relax


On the day of the exam you need to try to relax and think clearly about all of the material you have covered. You need to focus on the questions and read them all carefully. Try to sleep at a normal time the night before the exam this should help you to relax and allow you to feel refreshed. Being some water to the exam and sip it slowly if you need it. When possible go to the toilet before the exam starts.


3. Timing is everything


Ensure you are very clear on your timing structure with your tutor in the run up to the exam. You should be acutely aware of how long you have to complete each section of the exam. If you fall behind it is unlikely you will be able to catch up. Do not waste time on mistakes or minor errors, put your time to good use and move on. We recently had a student tell us she tried so hard to fix one small error she missed out on another 4 questions. Not worth it! Also we don’t recommend trying to calculate your word count, a rough check of the number of lines should indicate if you have enough content.


4. Speak Up!


When it comes to the speaking exam remember to speak as clearly and confidently as you can. We always recommend you practice talking with a partner or a friend for a few months in advance to get used to this concept. We know its normal to feel apprehensive about this section so confidence is key. This is not an interview! You are expected to chat and have a normal conversation with the examiner. You will not be judged on your looks either, wear something comfortable for the exam.


5. Mock Test


The only way to truly know if you can complete the exam in the allocated time is to take at least one mock exam before the real thing! At Simply English Edinburgh we regularly take groups for a mock exam for between £10-£15. This could be the best money you ever spend. We will give you an accurate summary of your IELTS mock exam and give you feedback on the areas you need to work the most on. The mock exam is taken in one of our classrooms under exam conditions. (yes, we take your phone) You will be supervised by a member of our team.


Any further queries can be sent to michelle.simplyenglish@gmail.com or find us on Facebook @ Simply English Edinburgh.


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Some of our Facebook Reviews


“My experience was outstanding!! I did private classes for the IELTS exam and i got the mark i was looking for. With advices/triks from Lorraine and my own effort I was able to improve every part above all the reading and writing. Thank you Lorraine!!” Clara


“The best way to get prepared to IELTS and to learn fast proper english. I totally recommend :)” Luiz


“I’m glad I was at this academy. Lorraine is a great teacher, she gave me the best tips for the IELTS exam! Michelle is very nice and all activities are fun with her. Don’t hesitate to go!” Lidia



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