On Saturday the 19th of August we help an Open Day at the school to welcome some new students and catch up with some old ones! The day was a great success and we are happy to have met such lovely new people. We have new students staring their lessons in September!



Our teacher Joules did a taster class with some students to give them a feel for the classroom. We only take a maximum of 6 students per class to allow better teacher/student interaction. Our group lessons are very popular because you get so many classes for your money. Some students then top up these lessons with a few individual lessons if they wan’t to focus on something in particular.



The Fringe Festival is in full swing in Edinburgh and on Friday night we went to see Abnormal Asian by Jinx Yeo on Friday night at Espionage. We had such a great night and this is a great free act! We will definitely be recommending this show to others. We do a new activity every week at Simply English Edinburgh, next week we are going to see the World Press Photo exhibition at the Scottish Parliament.


The Comedy Crew


We have a busy month ahead in September with our Autumn timetable and exam preparation classes, if you want to sign up please send us an email today and we will get back to you as soon as possible, also remember to check out our Facebook page for daily updates.




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