August 2017


On Wednesday we are off to the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street for our weekly activity. This is going to be a particularly fun one as it’s a couple of hours longer than our usual outings!

The students don’t know it yet but I have designed a worksheet for them to test their knowledge on what they will be seeing in the museum. I am going to be asking them to look out for key exhibits, take photos and also pick their favorite part of the museum! (the view is not allowed to be the only answer)

Then we will be returning to the school for the free workshop where we will be discussing our findings. This class used to be a half a hour free class but in recent weeks it has expanded to be an hour long. This is partly due to all the coffee consumed during the class. The origin of the free workshop was that it was a great way for student with varying timetables who normally don’t interact to be in a class together with the focus being on conversation. This way all levels of English is being spoken and heard.

We welcomed some wonderful new students this week who are so excited to see the city and explore Edinburgh. If you or someone you know is looking for quality lessons in the heart of the city this is where they need to be. We also have some great activities lined up for August which wasn’t difficult with the Fringe Festival.

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