Why choose Simply English Edinburgh?


How to you choose a language school? What are the key points you are looking for in a school? Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions for you as we are all looking for something unique to our personality. I would love to hear from you what you think the most important qualities of a language school are in your personal opinion. All comments are welcome at the end of this post!

One thing I can do though is tell you about us at Simply English Edinburgh and what sets us apart from the other schools. We are a fun, vibrant and small school with a focus on experiencing the local culture. Our motto is is Live, Learn, SEE. We want our students to get out into the local community and do what the locals do. We encourage you to get a job here or volunteer instead. The things that happen in working environments might never be discussed in a classroom. You need to see for yourself what it’s like to live and work in the community and listen to the local accent!

In the school we are different from all the rest too. We only have a maximum of 6 students per classroom, meaning that you get so much individual attention from your teacher. The teachers themselves are different too! All of our teachers at Simply English Edinburgh have learned at least one foreign language. This allows them to better understand both the learning process and also appreciate the needs of the students. We pride ourselves on that. At Simply English Edinburgh (SEE) we know that living in a foreign country can be hectic and chaotic at times. This is why we don’t force our students into blocks of lessons for months at a time. This is because the needs of students change as does our timetable. We do everything we can to be flexible and understanding with regards to classes and timetabling.

So why study with us?

Because SEE cares about our students and our reputation. We think our Facebook and Google reviews say enough about what the students think of our classes. Are you still unsure? Why don’t you come to our school and sit down with us over coffee and tell us what you are looking for! We are currently taking bookings for exam classes, general English classes and individual lessons. Contact us for further information on prices and times.

What about location?

Do we think location is important? Because we do. We are located in the heart of the city just a few minutes walk from The Meadows. This wonderful park consists of open grassland crossed by paths but it also is home to a children’s playground, tennis courts and sports pitches. It’s a fantastic amenity to be located next to and a great place to go after classes and relax. The team at SEE believe its also important to have fun! There is no point in learning another language if you can’t laugh about funny mistakes or embarrassing moments. This is why we have workshops every week to talk informally about things happening in your life. Because we really care about your language learning experience. 

If you think SEE might be the place for your learning experience or you would just like some more information please send us a message or you can find us on Facebook and drop us a private message. We love to get feedback on our work so if you have any suggestions or comments for our blog please say! We are looking forward to hearing from you!









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